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3. Who Can Use The Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment? Who Can't Use It?

In short, ultrasound cavitation treatment is a good way to weight loss for those who don't want to have surgery. It produces amazing results, is completely painless, and has no recovery time. So if you are looking for a non-invasive lipid-lowering therapy, be sure to try it!

It is safe for people who are generally healthy to receive treatment. Generally, there are very few side effects, but there may be a slight possibility, some short redness, excessive thirst or immediate treatment after nausea, which can solve simple drinking water.

If you are too fat, cavitation treatment will not work. Instead, you should have a specific area of the body to reduce the appearance of fat.
People with bleeding problems should not do this treatment. Certain health problems, such as heart disease or liver disease, also mean that you are not a good candidate. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you should also avoid it. Patients with heart and vascular disease, diabetes, acute illness, including liver function, severe bleeding tendency, and pregnant or lactating women should avoid this procedure
In addition, medical implants in the body will make you untreated. These may include cochlear implants, pacemakers, and the like.