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808NM Hair Removal VS IPL Hair Removal

Nowadays, hair removal is no longer a difficult thing, nor a painful thing. Traditional hair removal has plucking, shaving, and waxing, etc. These are very cumbersome and painful methods of hair removal. every time you pull a hair from your body, you need to have the courage, because it is really painful. Now some hair removal on the market can help us solve this kind of trouble, and it is not so painful. Let us know two of them today, 808nm hair removal and IPL hair removal.

What Is 808nm Hair Removal?

The 808nm semiconductor laser system uses a gold standard laser with a wavelength of 808 nm. The semiconductor laser emits near-infrared light waves, which can penetrate into the root of the hair follicle, heat the pigment and spread it to the entire hair follicle, which can accurately destroy the hair follicle without causing damage to adjacent tissues. Permanent hair removal.