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Cavitation RF Machine VS RF Radio Frequency Machine


Today, let me share cavitation RF machine and RF radio frequency machine
The difference between the two instruments. A lot of people do not know the difference between these two instruments, it seems that they are the same instrument, because they have a lot of technical similarities.

The Difference Between Treatment Items

Cavitation RF machine and RF radio frequency machine both have radio frequency functions, so they have the same treatment program, which can lose weight, remove wrinkles and tighten the face. In weight-loss projects, cavitation RF machine will have obvious therapeutic effect and complicated operation process. However, cavitaton RF machine weight loss program more. It can effectively reduce weight in all parts of the body.
For example, arms, belly, waist, hips, thighs and calves. The instrument will be more expensive. And RF radio frequency instrument for belly and hip fat layer thicker parts of the weight loss effect is relatively slow.


The Difference In Treatment Cycle

The treatment cycle of 40khz cavitation RF slimming machine is 30 minutes, 1~3 times per week. Continuous treatment for 2~3 months, while the treatment cycle of RF radio frequency weight-loss beauty instrument is 3~5 times a week, 30 minutes each time, continuous treatment for 3~6 months. Weight loss and facial skin care treatment cycles are the same. Facial care and weight loss go together.

So if you want to lose weight faster, you can choose a separate approach with 40Khz ultrasound cavitation. If only for the face skin lifting and tightening effect. So, you can choose these two of machine. The biggest difference is the number of radio frequency poles. The more poles rf , the more the area of treatment, and the more time saving it will take to operate.


These differences may make it easier to make a choice when buying a beauty or weight-loss device. If you just need to facial skin therapy, you can buy an RF radio frequency machine. It's works at home. And simple instrument operation.