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Here is the usage flow

Here is the usage flow:
A. Disinfection: please use the cotton with medical alcohol to disinfect the treatment area
B. Apply 2 pieces of antifreeze membranes on the treatment area
C. Set the working time and temperature of cooling handle, the temperature range is 15~ -10°C,
click to start
D. Adjust the vacuum pressure.Put the handle on the treatment area and click start button,
handle is working.
E. Turn off vacuum, put the handle on the holder
F. Take away the antifreeze members
G. Recommendation Make sure set the temperature from high to low upon the feeling of customer , -2 to 5 ℃ recommended

Liver problems, raynaud's, severe cold urticaria, cold globulin hematic , cold fiber hypoalbuminemia, severe burns, severe diabetes and older adults, children, frail and very resistant to freezing.

For different parts of the fat, it takes different amounts of time. But it usually takes an hour to treat. After two or three months of treatment, my obesity problem has been greatly improved. So I want to recommend some high quality and good effect Cooling Frozen Slimming Machine for you.