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How should I care about my skin after picosecond laser freckle removal treatment?


1. Wash your face normally after treatment;

2. Avoid using cleaning products containing soap base;

3, if the skin is dry and peeling, you can use a moisturizing cream with a repair function after cleansing;

4. Suspend the use of products containing components such as fruit acid, salicylic acid, high-concentration L-C, and vitamin A;

5, try to avoid sun exposure, can be combined with physical sunscreen for sunscreen.

The advantage of picosecond laser freckle removal treatment

The treatment of single picosecond freckle is obvious, and the recovery period of the injury is short--the postoperative redness can be resolved within 12-24 hours. The scope of application is wide, and one treatment can simultaneously improve various facial problems. Nearly zero damage, no troubles with scarring and dislocation after surgery, recovery is extremely fast, suitable for people with a fast pace of life. Second, it does not have any problems with scars, coloration, and blackness.

The picosecond is another upgrade of laser technology. Regardless of the safety, comfort and postoperative effect of the treatment, the picosecond skin is worth a try. Do you want to have a try?