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Is laser hair removal harmful to the body?

With the advancement of technology, more and more scientific and technological civilizations have emerged. There have also been many technology products that have not been available before. For example, in the beauty industry. One technique is IPL laser removal Body hair Or Armpit hair. I came into contact with this beauty technique is due to my girlfriend did body beauty. That is IPL Laser Hair Removal. Maybe some people will think that laser has radiation. It is harmful to your body.That's what I thought at first.Why I will introduce this technology,because some people ask me at before.

First of all, we will understand what is called laser, laser is not a radiation material, it belongs to the laser light source, destroying the hair follicle by the action of light and heat to achieve the purpose of hair removal. This is not the kind of radiation ray instrument we usually use in hospitals. Radiation usually comes from matter or electromagnetic waves, which is different from lasers.