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Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser Pigmentation Treatment

There are many reasons for a person's to get a tattoo on his body. It may be to express their eternal love to partners or to prove their commitment to the organization or just to show the difference with people. The situation changes and life continues to evolve, requiring the removal of symbols or names from the body. And Some people no longer like the tattoos they got many years ago. But this is a big problem because the tattoo is etched on your skin. Although you may think that you always want it to be part of your anatomy, now you want to remove it. What can you do? Tattoos can actually be removed due to Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser technology.

A tattoo is a dye that is inserted into the skin. The dye injects tiny needles through the epidermis to completely saturate the skin cells they are in contact with. Therefore, in order to remove the tattoo, a sufficiently powerful laser beam must be used to achieve the same depth as the ink. The heat decomposes the ink particles and is absorbed into the body through the lymphatic system. Only the ablation laser beam is sufficient to invade the skin layer through which the ink penetrates.

The tattoo ink enters the deep layer of the skin with a needle so that the ink is trapped under the skin. Tattoo laser direct laser energy directly into the ink. The energy is then absorbed by the color in the tattoo ink. High pulse energy breaks the ink particles into smaller pieces. Smaller fragments are then metabolized by white blood cells during natural filtration and elimination in the body.