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Radio frequency


Radio frequency is a kind of high frequency alternating current electromagnetic wave. When it acts on the face and body, it will cause the vibration of the cells to generate heat. The high temperature generated by heat, generally at 40-60 ℃, acts on the dermis.
The first stage,Heats the collagen cells and cause the collagen to shrink. The skin will become tightening in 1-3 days after the treatment.
The second stage, Produces new collagen, which can increase the production of collagen by up to 20%. The skin becomes more elastic in 1 month after the treatment.
The third stage promotes the production of collagen fibers, the skin becomes more compact and elastic within 1-3 months after use.
The RF is divided into a single pole, two poles, three poles, four poles, six poles, eight poles and so on. We always use the Monopolar RF, bipolar rf and three polar rf to do facial neck eye around treatment, the skin will become tighten and lift. The four poles, the six poles, and the eight poles generally act on the body, which helps the body shaping.