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The State of Cavitation Machine in 2020 and Beyond

Obesity is a grave public health threat, obesity kills more Americans than previously thought, ONE IN FIVE AMERICANS, BLACK AND WHITE, DIE FROM OBESITY, according to the Community Health Food Policy and Obesity on Aug. 12 2013. Obesity is now a global epidemic yet.

“Obesity has dramatically worse health consequences than some recent reports have led us to believe,” says Ryan Masters PhD, first author, who conducted the research as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. “We expect that obesity will be responsible for an increasing share of deaths in

Online Storethe United States and perhaps even lead to declines in U.S. life expectancy.”


How to get rid of obesity is a top priority solution for researchers. With fast development of surgical and non surgical treatment, obesity or cellulite now can be treated well yet. A completely non-invasive, safe, high effective, and outstanding obesity removal treatment is cavitation machine treatment. Many obesity people are experiencing a significant reduction in cellulite.