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Top 1 S Shape Slimming Beauty Machine

This is the top 1 ultrasonic cavitation weight loss slimming equipment for beauty spa in 2019 called S Shape. This body weight loss and face shaping equipment is a multifunctional machine which is designed with the new technology of cavitation 30khz. It is more powerful than the traditional 40khz cavitation machines. Additionally, ems and electroporation for V face shaping and nutrients importing are really a widely welcomed helper for professional aesthetics. Get one S Shape machine, gain equipment for the whole body beauty machine.

1. Multifunctional handles for body and face.
2. Save time to do body slimming and skin tightening at the same time for both aesthetics and clients.
3. Personalized design, can choose each function of each probe separately or together as you prefer.
4. New design EMS+EL handle is the best for nutrition absorption.

Recommended for salon, professional aesthetics 5 Stars