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Treatment process:

1. Before doing treatment, you need to conduct a preliminary physical examination of the client, ask the client if there is any disease, whether there is gout, rheumatism, and whether surgery has been done.

2. Let customers change into treatment clothing, in order to make it easier to operate and soil customer clothes.
3. Apply a frosting cream to the area in need of treatment, and then place it on the treatment site with a thin layer of professional one-stage use.
4. Adjust the treatment time, power, and temperature of the instrument (do not adjust the temperature too low at the beginning, let the skin have a process of slowly adapting, so that the treatment will not be uncomfortable), and the probe adsorption pressure .
5. Place the probe on the treatment site, then vacuum the pressure to draw the local fat into the probe for hypothermia.
6. Apply anti-freeze cream to the treatment site after the treatment is completed.