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What is frozen fat to lose weight? How does it work?

The frozen fat weight loss method is a safe and efficient new technique for removing local fat by selective non-invasive techniques. It combines vacuum adsorption technology, uses a frozen sensor probe to locate selected fat cells, and accurately locates subcutaneous tissue fat cells for cooling and freezing. Since the freezing technique has the principle of positioning selection, it does not affect or damage the cells surrounding the fat.

The basic principle of this technology is to cool and freeze the fatty acids in the subcutaneous tissue. Because of the temperature-sensitive gap between the fat cells and the surrounding vascular cells, the nerve cells and the skin tissue cells, there is no sensitivity to fat cells. Therefore, the freezing technique selects to cool the fat layer in the temperature range of -15 degrees, -10 degrees, and -5 degrees. Fat cells are frozen and died under low temperature for a long time, and are eventually swallowed up by the body's own phagocytic cells. Finally, the effect of losing weight is achieved.
Its working principle is that the probe of the freezing instrument has a vacuum adsorption function, and the local fat is sucked into the inside of the freezing probe, and then the temperature sensor selectively freezes the fat layer.