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Why you hear noise in the ear when use the 40K ultrasound cavitation?

One day A client asked me:”why I hear some noise in the ear when use the 40k cavitation probe doing fat loss treatment, will it hurt my hearing?”

It is strange because we called it ultrasound, then we should hear nothing, Is it normal?
To solve the problem,let us learn the principle of cavitation.

The Principle Of Cavitation

Ultrasonic waves pass through the epidermis at a frequency of 40 kHz, acting on the fat cells of the dermis, and high-frequency vibrations cause the fat cells to break, we called it cavitation. The tinnitus we hear comes from the micro-vibration of fat cells. This phenomenon will always be accompanied by cavitation weight loss treatment. If it disappears, it is no longer 40kHz.

So it is normal we will hear the noise when during the ultrasonic cavitation treatment.

Will The Noise Do Harm To Our Hearing?

The noise will not hurt our hearing. Some clients can hear the noise but some clients can not hear it, it different from person to person. The ultrasound cavitation technology is widely used in the word.

Our New Technology Unoisetion Cavitation, Less noise

Unoisetion cavitation, explode the fat cells from inside with fast vibration, then break the fat cells, Besides, it has lower sound during the treatment,It can adjust the frequency itself when breaking the fat cells.So you will feel less noise during the treatment, we called it unoisetion cavitation technology.